November 21, 2017


Interesting thoughts to ponder by interesting people

I think that in part due to my job, I usually meet people that have interesting things to say. Sometimes, and to my delight, they say something inordinately peculiar. I like to collect these interesting thoughts to ponder. In this site you will find those interesting thoughts by very interesting people.

One’s choices of one’s favorite illogicalities is what defines one as an individual. If we were all logical, we would all be the same, except for local differences due to weather.
D. J. Vanececk

Camels have beautiful eyes. (…) No, really, have you seen their eyelashes? They are alluring!
Tal Alexander, during a dinner at Aroma in Berlin in the summer of 2009.

I am much better, thanks, but I still have a hangover on my cheeks
Ann-Marie Madigan, answering to my question ‘How do you feel?’, after having drunk the previous evening some 1.5l wine at Gottlob in Berlin, winter of 2010

Ribs are there to be broken, right?
Michael Jasiulek, during the coffee break after lunch at the AEI atrium, summer of 2010

In some sense it’s like malaria… you know, once you get it…
Bernard F. Schutz, during an improvised meeting at a Galetterie in Paris with Berit Behnke and myself, meant to motivate her future work on LIGO

So… what would be the optimal place for a human being to have a mouth?
Alex Nielsen, during lunch at the AEI cafeteria, summer of 2011

No, no, not all Brits, it’s just him
Emma Robinson, some 20 seconds after Nielsen’s comment, as an answer to my question

I don’t like the pumpkin, I just like the pudding
Carmen Montuori, while eating pumpkin pudding at Nuage in Beijing, summer 2012

Come on… Am I the only one to admit that has some mannequins at home?
Michael Jasiulek, during the coffee break after lunch at the AEI atrium, winter of 2012

It’s important to have friends who are willing to smell you.
Sylvia Zhu at one of the dinners in Mallorca during the III International Max Planck Research School, September 2018

I love the smell of elephants, don’t you?.
Marta Masini at breakfast during the 2020-2021 pandemic, February 2021

I find it disturbing when I see people growing, because I don’t.
Kostas Tzanavaris during a videoconference, after seeing my daughter, January 2022

You should work around your own stupidity.
Margherita Giustini at Malpensa airport after a workshop in Como, in the context of mankind, but looking at me deep into the eyes, February 2024