March 21, 2016

Astro-GR@Mallorca 2011: all LISA GW sources and their potential electromagnetic signatures


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of all LISA GW sources and their (potential!) electromagnetic signatures. Organised by Pau Amaro-Seoane, Sascha Husa and Alicia Sintes.

Observations of GW sources in the MilliHertz-Hertz range could provide invaluable information on galaxy formation models with the coalescence of massive black holes, while captures of small compact objects by them will give us an exquisite information on the strong field regime around a Kerr black hole.

As a LISA-type mission will be a precision tool is determining when a possible merger may take place, it is important that the astrophysical and data analysis communities work hand in hand. With this in mind, the main topics of interest for the meeting are (i) Astrophysical modelling of super- and massive black hole coalescences (ranging from 10^3 to 10^9\, M_{\odot}), (ii) astrophysical modelling of small compact objects by massive black holes (aka EMRIs), (iii) observations of our own Galactic Center (SgrA*), (iv) modelling of strong field sources within General Relativity, Data analysis of the sources, (v) early warning of possible mergers either from the data analysis or by EM detection, (vi) observations of neutron star binaries leading up to coalescence for long periods of time, (vii) measuring spin-down of individual pulsars, and coincidence measurements with ground-based detectors.


Sarp Akcay, Tal Alexander, Daniela Alic, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Stanislav Babak, Leor Barack, Matthew Benacquista, Pierre Binetruy, Tamara Bogdanovic, Juan Calderon, Carles Bona, Patrick Brem, Jordi Burguet, Salvatore Capozziello, Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Priscilla Cañizares, Jerome Carre, Monica Colpi, Neil Cornish, Massimo Dotti, Domenec Espriu, Sam Finn, Zsolt Frei, Ryuichi Fujita, Jonathan Gair, Stefan Gillessen, Kazuhiro Hayama, Sascha Husa, Cedric Huwyler, Oliver Jennrich, Philippe Jetzer, Nathan Johnson-McDaniel, Jafar Khodagholizadeh, Symeon Konstantinidis, Gabor Kupi, Meagan Lang, Tyson Littenberg, Maxim Lyutikov, Umberto Maio, Lucio Mayer, Sean McWilliams, Cole Miller, Pedro Montero, Carmen Montuori, Paolo Pani, Gabe Perez-Giz, Antoine Petiteau, Eduardo Portero, Michael Puerrer, Daniel Puigdomenech, Michele Punturo, Pablo Antonio, Constanze Rödig, Milton Ruiz, Nadeen Sabha, Motoyuki Saijo, Bangalore Sathyaprakash, Alberto Sesana, Abhay Shah, Sweta Shah, Alicia Sintes, Carlos Sopuerta, Nicholas Stone, Coaimo Stornaiolo, Jonathan Thornburg, Alexandre Le Tiec, Michele Vallisneri, Alex Vano-Vinuales, Niels Warburton, Barry Wardell, Ron Wiltshire, Nicolas Yunes, Mohammad Zamaninasab


Addressed and worked out partially in the satellite sessions.


Alicia Sintes and Pau Amaro-Seoane: “What is all this about? A How-to to the meeting”

Antoine Petiteau: “Performance of the new space based gravitational wave detectector” (slides)

Jon Gair: “Prospects for EMRI detection and science using LISA-light” (slides)

Alberto Sesana: “Probing massive black hole binaries with eLISA and PTA” (slides)

Sean McWilliams: “Implications of a LISA redesign for massive black hole binary observations” (slides)

Pablo Rosado: “Gravitational wave background from binary systems” (slides)

Michele Punturo: “ET project: Status and perspectives” (slides)

B. Sathyaprakash: “ET meets eLISA” (slides)


Neil Cornish: “What can we learn about Blacks Holes using Pulsar Timing Arrays?” (slides)

Oliver Jennrich and Michele Vallisneri: “Space-based Gravitational-wave Observatory:
NASA’s way forward”

Pedro Montero: “Relativistic collapse and explosion of rotating supermassive stars with thermonuclear effects” (slides)

Tal Alexander: “Stellar dynamics near massive black holes: the EMRI / SgrA* connection” (slides)

Simos Konstantinidis: “Young clusters and massive BHs as the building blocks of ultra-compact dwarf galaxies” (slides)

Stefan Gillessen: “A unique laboratory: The Galactic Center” (slides)

Nadeen Sabha and Mohammad Zamaninasab: “The Galactic Black Hole and its Variable Emission” (slides)

Carmen Montuori: “Observational signatures of massive black hole binaries” (slides)

Monica Colpi: “Dual and binary AGN in the cosmic landscape” (slides)

Tamara Bogdanović: “Can a Satellite Galaxy Merger Explain the Active Past of the Galactic Center?” (slides)

Massimo Dotti: “Massive black hole binaries in gas rich environments” (slides)

Niels Warburton and Sarp Akcay: “At last: Full self-force EMRI waveforms (for nonrotating MBHs)” (slides Niels, slides Sarp)

Nick Stone: “Tidal Disruption Flares as a Signature of Supermassive Black Hole Recoil” (slides)

Cole Miller: “Galactic centers: it’s a binary’s life” (slides)

Sascha Husa: “Numerical Modeling of Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Binaries” (slides)

Pierre Binetruy: “Cosmological background and eLISA” (slides)

Sam Finn: “Taking Advantage of Serendipity” (slides)

Satellite A: “Report on massive binaries of black holes” (slides)

Satellite B: “Report on EMRIs + galactic binaries” (slides)

Satellite C: “Report on IMRIs + EM counterparts” (slides)