October 14, 2016


e-mail is what usually best works… I will get it and read it; how long does it take me to reply is a different thing, though…

amaro {at} riseup.net

If you are based in China, riseup is unfortunately banned there, but there is a workaround. Use:

amaro {at} duck.com

Institute for Multidisciplinary Mathematics
Building 8G, Access C, 2nd Floor,
Camí de Vera s/n,
Universitat Politècnica de València,
46022, València, Spain


My e-mail history since 2005 and until 2013, just for fun: Number of e-mails per month as a function of time, done with matplotlib and the module xkcd (with help from Cristián). It was easy because I use mutt as mail program and has an easy structuring of the boxes. In blue, the Y-axis gives you the received e-mails, and in red the sent ones. In the X-axis you can see the succession of months per consecutive year, labelled with the Catalan three first characters of the files (i.e. Gen = Gener = January). The strong spikes in the inbox are correlated with the organization of the workshops I do (1-2 per year). The dark blue vertical line marks the time point in which I was declared “group leader” of astrophysics at the AEI. I wonder how much will it keep diverging. The plot has still some analysis left, like the strange correlated oscillations in maxima and minima (my fear is that this confirms a bipolar trend in work-related affairs). The plots start at very low numbers because I am missing the first months of 2005 and created a couple of artificial messages for them not to be empty (was playing with log scales). I do have e-mails since as far as 1998, but I was using netscape then (!) and have not yet taken the time to convert them to mutt.