November 21, 2017

Studio Instabilitas Puparum

And now… something completely different… Some stop clay movies!

Note: This is an html site I wrote per hand (yes!). To get back to the main site, you will have to visit again

Instabilitas means in Latin something like “which does not stand still, constantly moving” and pupārum “of the puppets” (actually “of the dolls”). So in the one hand, we have puppets and, in the other hand, constant motion.

The adventures of Jacinto and his friends began in April 2012, when I was recovering from surgery at home. The doctor categorically forbade me from working for a couple of weeks. I obviously ignored his orders, and I started playing with the idea of making these movies. When my kids and I saw the result, we thought it would be nice to share it with everybody. We hope that you enjoy the movies a lot, and that you come back here often to visit us. If you are between the ages of two and a hundred and twenty, I am almost certain you will like the concept and you will come back, because we will be releasing new movies.