January 30, 2021


I am in contact with a lot of young students. Some of them seek to understand things, rather than publishing papers (there was an implied ironic tone in the last sentence). I am also a father, and at some point in the past, I was a student, and I see that the public education system is far from being flawless. My personal opinion is that the solution is not a private education system. I believe that education should be public, free and teach students how to think and, hence, how to be free.

In any case, I have found myself repeating the same e-mails over and over to those students and I have decided to put everything together in this page which, for obvious reasons, I am calling Pygmalion. This is a guide on how to become a human being in general, and how to understand mathematics and physics in particular, if you are interested in those. The guide is being update constantly and is far from being what it should be, but it is a starting point.

Please look into the menu and look for the subcategories under “Pygmalion”.