October 15, 2022


This is rather easy. Follow these steps

# pkg_add vpnc

If you have a pcf file from your university or whatever, convert it to vpnc format using this script here.

Some commands will not be recognised, depending on your version. Remove them.

My final file.vpnc file looks like this

$ cat ~/fitx_confg/vpn/UPV/UPV.vpnc
IKE Authmode psk
IPSec gateway vpn.upv.es
IPSec ID soloupv
IPSec secret password_corresponding_to_IPSec_ID
Xauth username my_user_name_on_the_vpn_domain
Xauth password my_password_on_that_vpn_domain

Then add yourself to the doas config file to be able to use it

permit nopass :pau cmd vpnc

And start it

$ vpnc ~/fitx_confg/vpn/UPV/UPV.vpnc

The programme gives us the pid of the process when it starts, so that to stop it we simply kill -9 it.