March 21, 2016

Astro-GR@Paris 2010: Gravitational-wave and electromagnetic signatures of massive black hole binaries and extreme mass-ratio inspirals



for gravitational wave and electromagnetic signatures of massive black hole binaries (MBHBs) and extreme/intermediate mass-ratio inspirals (EMRIs/IMRIs). Organised by Pau Amaro-Seoane and Ed Porter.

When LISA flies, it will provide us with an opportunity to detect gravitational waves from high redshift sources (z~ 20). Observations of MBHBs could provide invaluable information on galaxy formation models, while EMRI observations could provide information on the strong field regime around a Kerr black hole. As LISA will be a precision tool is determining when a possible merger may take place, it is important that the astrophysical and data analysis communities work hand in hand. With this in mind, the main topics of interest for the meeting will be

  1. Astrophysical modelling of EM/GW sources
  2. Modelling of strong field sources within General Relativity
  3. LISA Data analysis
  4. Early warning of possible mergers either from the data analysis or by EM detection

for MBHBs, EMRIs and IMRIs.


Tal Alexander, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Phil Armitage, Gerard Auger, Theocharis Apostolatos, Stas Babak, John Baker, Leor Barack, Ben Baror, Deepak Baskaran, Berit Behnke, Matt Benacquista, Emanuele Berti, Pierre Binetruy, Tamara Bogdanovic, Paul Callanan, Jerome Carre, Monica Colpi, Françoise Combes, Neil Cornish, Roberto Capuzzo, Melvyn Davies, Bernadetta Devecchi, Massimo Dotti, Steve Drasco, Guillaume Faye, Jonathan Gair, Reinhard Genzel, Xuefei Gong, Philippe Jetzer, Oliver Jennrich, Andrew King, Antoine Klein, Stefanie Komossa, Julian Krolik, Ryan Lang, Pablo Laguna, Tyson Littenberg, Giuseppe Lodato, Ann-Marie Madigan, Michela Mapelli, Kristen Menou, David Merritt, Cole Miller, Priya Natarajan, Antoine Petiteau, Eric Plagnol, Eduardo Portero, Miguel Preto, Luciano Rezzolla, Constanze Rödig, Nadeen Sabha, Justus Schneider, Bernard Schutz, Alberto Sesana, George Smoot, Carlos Sopuerta, Jonathan Thornburg, Alexandre Le Tiec, Michele Vallisneri, Francesca Valsecchi, Murli Manohar, Marta Volonteri, Shengnian Xu, Nico Yunes, Mohammad Zamaninasab, Olindo Zanotti


Addressed and worked out partially in the satellite sessions. Download here.


Pau Amaro-Seoane and Ed Porter: “What is all this about? A How-to to the meeting”

George Smoot: “Mapping the universe and its history” (no slides)

Oliver Jennrich: “Between reviews – from Astro2010 to Cosmic Vision” (no slides)

Bernard Schutz: “Hearing is Believing: LISA as a Black Hole Monitor” (slides)

Nadeen Sabha: “Results from the Galactic Center and Implications for LISA Science on Extragalactic Nuclei” (slides)

Francoise Combes: “Review of observational evidence of supermassive black hole binaries” (slides)

Julian Krolik: “Hydrodynamics and Photon Emission from Gas very near a Black Hole Merger” (slides)

Pierre Binetruy: “Fundamental physics with LISA” (slides)

Priya Natarajan: “The formation and evolution of massive black hole seeds” (slides)

Andrew King: “Supermassive Black Hole Binaries” (slides)

Luciano Rezzolla: “Learning from merging binary black holes: waveforms, EM counterparts, and nonlinear effects” (slides)

Tamara Bogdanovic: “EM and GW Signatures from Relativistic Simulations of Supermassive Black Hole Coalescence” (slides)

Marta Volonteri: “Observing black hole evolution with gravitational waves” (slides)

Reinhard Genzel: “Observations of the Galactic Center: An Overview of Recent Results” (slides)

Phil Armitage: “Electromagnetic counterparts from mergers in thin disks” (slides)

Giuseppe Lodato: “The last 0.1 parsec problem” (slides)

Melvyn Davies: “The Central Stellar Cluster and its Role in Black Hole Growth” (slides)

Kristen Menou: “Coincident Electromagnetic and Gravitational Radiation from White Dwarf Inspirals into Massive Black Holes” (slides)

Pablo Laguna: “Multi-messenger Signatures from Tidal Disruptions of White Dwarfs by Massive Black Holes” (slides)

Leor Barack: “An update on self-force calculations for EMRI applications” (slides)

Stefanie Komossa: “AGN, mergers and BH recoils: electromagnetic signals” (slides)

David Merritt: “Getting things into black holes” (slides)

Monica Colpi: “Growing massive black hole pairs in minor mergers of disc galaxies” (no slides)

Tal Alexander: “The stellar dynamics of EMRIs” (slides)

Michele Vallisneri: “Testing GR with LISA: data analysis aspects” (slides)

Miguel Preto: “Stars, disks and black holes” (slides)

Cole Miller: “Dynamical Processes in the Production of EMRIs” (slides)

Neil Cornish: “Testing General Relativity with Gravitational Wave Astronomy” (slides)

John Baker: “Summary of Satellite A (binaries of supermassive black holes)” (slides)

Nico Yunes: “Summary of Satellite B (EMRIs)” (slides)

Matt Benacquista: “Summary of Satellite C (IMRIs)” (slides)

In addition to these talks we also had a number of blackboard talks delivered by: Roberto Capuzzo-Dolcetta (Infalling globular clusters and central galactic massive black holes evolution), Alberto Sesana / Massimo Dotti (SMBH binaries with LISA), Nico Yunes and Carlos Sopuerta (A New Scheme to construct Approximate EMRI Waveforms)