May 9, 2017

OpenBSD: software

This is simply meant as a list of the software I have installed.

In my .zsh I have:

export PKG_PATH

My installed software is

pyrrha(p4)| pkg_info -z | sed s'/--.*$//' | tr '\n' ' ' > packages
pyrrha(p4)| cat packages

Last line shows:

GraphicsMagick ImageMagick ORBit2 OpenEXR Xaw3d aalib adwaita-icon-theme akonadi apr apr-util arts aspell at-spi2-atk at-spi2-core atk atk2mm attica autoconf autoconf automake avahi babl baloo bash bison blas boehm-gc boost bzip2 cagibi cairo cairomm cantarell-fonts cdparanoia celt celt07 chmlib chromium clisp clucene-core colorls consolekit2 cups cups-filters cups-libs curl cvsps cyrus-sasl db db dbus dbus-daemon-launch-helper dbus-glib dbusmenu-qt dconf desktop-file-utils detex djvulibre docbook docbook-dsssl docbook-xsl dvi2tty e2fsprogs easy-rsa ebook-tools enca enchant eog eterm evince exempi exiftran exiv2 exo feh fetchmail ffcall ffmpeg ffmpegthumbnailer fftw3 fftw3-common fira-fonts firefox flac foomatic-db foomatic-db-engine fox freetype fribidi g77 gamin garcon gcc-libs gconf2 gcr gd gdbm gdk-pixbuf gedit gegl geoclue geoclue2 geogebra gettext gettext-tools ghostscript ghostscript-fonts giflib gimp git git-cola glew glfw glib2 glib2-networking glib2mm gmake gmime gmime30 gmp gnome-autoar gnome-backgrounds gnome-desktop gnome-font-viewer gnome-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme-symbolic gnome-mime-data gnome-themes-standard gnome-vfs2 gnupg gnupg gnuplot gnutls gobject-introspection gperf gpgme gpsd grantlee graphite2 gsettings-desktop-schemas gsl gsm gspell gstreamer gstreamer-plugins-base gstreamer-plugins-good gstreamer1 gstreamer1-plugins-bad gstreamer1-plugins-base gstreamer1-plugins-good gstreamer1-plugins-libav gstreamer1mm gtar gtk+2 gtk+3 gtk-doc gtk-engines2 gtk-update-icon-cache gtk-xfce-engine gtk2mm gtksourceview gtksourceview3 gtkspell gv gvfs gxmessage harfbuzz harfbuzz-icu hermit-font hicolor-icon-theme hunspell hwdata hyphen icu4c ijs ilmbase imlib2 inkscape intltool iodbc iso-codes iso8879 jack jasper javaPathHelper jbig2dec jbigkit jdk jhead jpeg json-c json-glib kactivities kde-runtime kde-shared-data kde4-langlist kde4-locale kde4-locale-en_US kdegraphics-mobipocket kdelibs kdelibs kdenlive kdepimlibs kfilemetadata ladspa lame lapack lcms lcms2 ldb libIDL libarchive libart libass libassuan libast libaudiofile libbluray libbonobo libbonoboui libbs2b libcanberra libcddb libcerf libcroco libcue libdaemon libdmtx libdv libdvbpsi libdvdcss libdvdnav libdvdread libebml libelf libevent libexecinfo libexif libf2c libffi libgadu libgcrypt libgdiplus libgit2 libglade2 libgnome libgnome-keyring libgnomecanvas libgnomeui libgpg-error libgsf libgxps libical libiconv libid3tag libidn libidn2 libinotify libiptcdata libkexiv2 libksba libkscreen libltdl libmad libmagic libmatroska libmediaart libmms libmng libmpc libmpd libnatpmp libnettle libnotify libogg libosinfo libpaper libpeas libproxy libpsl libpurple libqrencode libquvi libquvi-scripts libraw libreoffice librsvg libsamplerate libsecret libshout libsigc++ libsigsegv libsndfile libsoup libspectre libssh libssh2 libtalloc libtar libtasn1 libtheora libtool libunique libunistring libusb-compat libusb1 libv4l libvorbis libvpx libwebp libwmf libwnck libxfce4ui libxfce4util libxkbcommon libxklavier libxml libxslt libyajl libzip links lockfile lua luasocket lynx lz4 lzo lzo2 m4 meanwhile meld meta-tracker metaauto miniupnpc mlt mlt-gpl2 motif mousepad mozilla-dicts-en-GB mozjs17 mpfr mplayer mumble mupdf mutt muttprint nautilus neon nepomuk-core netpbm nghttp2 noto-emoji noto-fonts npth nspr nss oath-toolkit-pskc okular openal openconnect opencore-amr openjade openjp2 openjpeg openldap-client openpam opensp openssl openvpn opus opusfile orage orc osinfo-db oxygen-icons p11-kit p5-Clone p5-DBI p5-Error p5-FreezeThaw p5-MLDBM p5-Math-Base-Convert p5-Module-Runtime p5-Net-Daemon p5-Params-Util p5-PlRPC p5-SQL-Statement p5-Text-Iconv p5-Time-TimeDate p5-URI p5-XML-Parser p7zip pango pangomm parole pcre pcre2 pcsc-lite pdfgrep phonon phonon-vlc pidgin pinentry png polkit polkit-qt4 poppler poppler-data poppler-qt4 poppler-utils popt portaudio-svn postgresql-client potrace prison procmail protobuf ps2eps psutils pulseaudio py-MarkupSafe py-Pillow py-beaker py-cairo py-crypto py-cycler py-dateutil py-dbus py-dbus-common py-dnspython py-gobject py-gobject3 py-gobject3-common py-gtk2 py-lxml py-mako py-numpy py-parsing py-pip py-pygments py-qt4 py-scipy py-setuptools py-sip py-six py-tz py3-cairo py3-gobject3 python python python-tkinter qca qca-ossl qdbm qgit qimageblitz qiv qjson qpdf qt3-mt qt3d qt4 qt5 qt5-declarative-xmllistmodel qtbase qtcanvas3d qtcharts qtdatavis3d qtdeclarative qtgamepad qtgraphicaleffects qtimageformats qtlocation qtmultimedia qtnetworkauth qtpurchasing qtquickcontrols qtquickcontrols2 qtremoteobjects qtscript qtscxml qtsensors qtserialbus qtserialport qtserialport qtspeech qtsvg qttools qttranslations qtvirtualkeyboard qtwebchannel qtwebkit qtwebsockets qtx11extras qtxmlpatterns quirks raptor rasqal readline recode redland ristretto rsync rubber samba samba-util screen sdl sdl-image sdl2 serf shared-desktop-ontologies shared-mime-info silc-toolkit sl slock smplayer soprano sound-theme-freedesktop soundtouch source-highlight sox speex speexdsp sqlite3 st stagit startup-notification strigi subversion swig t1utils taglib tango-icon-theme tcl tdb telegram-purple tevent texlive_base texlive_texmf-buildset texlive_texmf-full texlive_texmf-minimal thunar thunar-archive thunar-media-tags thunar-vcs thunderbird tiff tk totem-pl-parser transfig transmission transmission-gtk tremor tumbler twolame ubuntu-fonts unrar unzip upower vim vlc vpnc vpnc-scripts vte wavpack webkitgtk4 wget wpa_supplicant x264 x265 xapian-core xarchiver xdg-utils xfce4-panel xfce4-screenshooter xfconf xfdesktop xfe xfmpc xfwm4 xfwm4-themes xmlsec xvidcore xxdiff xz yelp yelp-xsl youtube-dl zip zsh zziplib

gmtp: mounting an android cell phone to acess pics

# pkg_add libmtp libid3tag flac

Download and build gmtp using gmake from

$ ./configure
$ gmake
# gmake install

Launch gmtp and set phone to transfer pictures. Be patient because gmtp will take a few seconds. This works only with pictures (DCMI), I have not succeeded at transferring music.

matplotlib and seaborn

Fetch the latest version of pip:

# wget

# python3.6

Note that we require it to be python3.X

This will install pip3.X. After that, it is a matter of running

$ pip3.6 install numpy --user
$ pip3.6 install matplotlib --user
$ pip3.6 install seaborn--user

to install them locally as a normal user in $HOME/.local

To make sure that pip can install scipy (as required by seaborn), make sure your system is using gfortran and not g77:

# pkg_delete g77
# pkg_add g95