March 12, 2019


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A summary

David Sinclair’s summary from radio podcast

This is the podcast, and this is the summary:

  1. 1 gr of resveratrol in the morning mixed with fat so that it can be absorbed more efficiently (a couple of spoons of yogourt or olive oil, even if you are fasting, maybe the first one because it was less calories)
  2. 1 gr of NMN, just put it in water or swallow it (if in powder, maybe beneath the tongue). That will double your NAD levels in about a few days. You can increase the amount of NMN to two gr and triple the levels. Note: The best available NMN I have found in the internet is that of UTHEVER. These two are to be taken in the morning because it is when the rise in NAD and Sirt-1 activity should happen
  3. Also 1/2 gr of fisetin, and 1/2 gr of quercitin every day, in the yogurt
  4. 1gr of spermidin
  5. About 1 gr of metformin (800 mgr) at night because it is a good time to simulate a fast. Take it with your dinner, just after. That will lead to having low levels of glucose during the night.

David Sinclair’s excerpt from radio interview Joe Rogan on radio (OLD, now non-existing on youtube anymore)

David explains in his interview that:

  • I take 1 gram (1,000 mg) of NMN every morning, along with 1 gram of resveratrol (shaken into my homemade yogurt) and 1 gram of metaformin.
  • I take a daily dose of vitamin D, vitamin K, and 83 mg of aspirin.
  • I strive to keep my sugar, bread, and pasta intake as low as possible. I gave up desserts at age 40, though I do steal tastes.
  • I try to skip one meal a day or at least make it really small. My busy schedule almost always means that I miss lunch most days of the week.
  • Every few months, a phlebotomist comes to my home to draw my blood, which I have analyzed for dozens of biomarkers. When my levels of various markers are not optimal, I moderate them with food or exercise.
  • I try to take a lot of steps each day and walk upstairs, and I go to the gym most weekends with my son, Ben; we lift weights, jog a bit, and hang out in the sauna before dunking in an ice-cool pool.
  • I eat a lot of plants and try to avoid eating other mammals, even though they do taste good. If I work out, I will eat meat.
  • I don’t smoke. I try to avoid microwaved plastic, excessive UV exposure, X-rays, and CT scans.
  • I try to stay on the cool side during the day and when I sleep at night.
  • I aim to keep my body weight or BMI in the optimal range for health-span, which for me is 23 to 25 every morning mixed in with some yogurt.

Note – he doesn’t get specific with brands, but he does say the resveratrol is in powder form, left over from clinical trials a while back. Sirtuins are genes found to control aging in yeast cells. There are 7 of them in humans (5 in yeast). They protect all organisms from deterioration and disease

“[Sirtuins] sense when we’re hungry/exercising, and send out the troops to defend us”
“When you put more sirtuins into a yeast cell or a mouse, it lives 5-20% longer”

NMN and Resveratrol are molecules which essentially mimic the effects of the sirtuin genes

“You can think of resveratrol as the accelerator pedal for the sirtuin genes, and NMN as the fuel”
“Resveratrol steps on the accelerator pedal of the sirtuin enzymes”

So you need the fuel (NMN) for resveratrol to work.

Note June 2021: One year later, on June 2021, I have discovered a new video, the first video at the bottom of this page, in which David talks of three days of fasting for autophagy to start.

Effect of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) on humans

Note: I have been taking daily 1gr of NMN for about one year now (and 0.5 gr of resveratrol) without any side effect. A recent blood test I recently did was perfectly fine.

Metformin: A Potential Candidate for Targeting Aging Mechanisms

Metformin is shaping up in “anti-aging”.

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A (very much) simplified guide,

and also some more information about the topic of autophagy