21 April 2020

Dear Peter, I am writing a script in python (actually a friend of mine who’s very efficient in programming, Marc Freitag) to convert your fortran output format into something easier to use for me. In the timesteps blocks, one gets this kind of headers:

165M/dty/ P/Pn/e/ xi/zet/ tN/ZAPS/ LH/LHE/LC Pcr/Rcz/ MH/Me/MC/ XH XHe XC XN XO XNe lXC13 MH/MHe/ psi logrho logT
age/cm/Horb rf1/Fn mt/rf2/dF tET/DL/BE /Lnu/Lth DRcz/RA/Bp QM/tTFy convective/semiconvective bdries mc/k^2 km/DLP Vrot logR logL

For that he is “translating” all of this information into 87 (!) columns, so that I can easily e.g. plot column 23:45. The code itself I would not want to touch.

The python produces a big file concatenating all timesteps with a header which I have split now in this web page into single lines.
Could you please confirm the following interpretation of the various quantities?

2:M - total mass of the star
3:P - periode of the binary
4:xi - binary mass transfer rate
5:tN - nuclear timescale
6:LH - H lum
7:Pcr - P crit (critical for what??)
8:MH - Mass in Hydrogen-burning shell
9:XH_cntr - H fraction at centre
10:XHe_cntr - He fraction at centre
11:XC_cntr - C fraction at centre
12:XN_cntr - N fraction at centre
13:XO_cntr - O fraction at centre
14:XNe_cntr - Ne fraction at the centre
15:lXC13_cntr - log C13 fraction at centre
16:MH - Mass in H-burning shell AGAIN? SAME AS 8?
17:psi_cntr - electron degeneracy at the centre
18:logrho_cntr - log density at the centre
19:logT_cntr - log temperature at the centre
20:dty - time step
21:Pn - Rotation periode
22:zet - wind mass loss rate
23:ZAPS - unknown ?
24:LHE - lumi. He
25:Rcz - unknown ?
26:Me - unknown ?
27:XH_Tmax - H fraction at Tmax
28:XHe_Tmax - He fraction at Tmax
29:XC_Tmax - C fraction at T max
30:XN_Tmax - N fraction at T max
31:XO_Tmax - O fraction at Tmax
32:XNe_Tmax - Ne fraction at Tmax
33:lXC13_Tmax - log C13 fraction at Tmax
34:MHe - Mass of He-burning shell (is this at Tmax??)
35:psi_Tmax - electron degeneracy at Tmax
36:logrho_Tmax - log density at Tmax
37:logT_Tmax - log Temp at Tmax
38:age - time in yrs
39:e - eccentricity of binary
40:mt - unknown???
41:tET - unknown???
42:LC - Lumin. of C burning
43:ERcz - unknown???
44:MC - Mass of C-burning shell
45:XH_srfc - fraction of H at surface
46:XHe_srfc - fraction of He at surface
47:XC_srfc - fraction of C at surface
48:XN_srfc - fraction of N at surface
49:XO_srfc - fraction of O at surface
50:XNe_srfc - fraction of Ne at surface
51:lXC13_srfc - log fraction C13 at surface
52:km - unknown??
53:psi_srfc - electron degeneracy at surface
54:logrho_srfc - log density at surface
55:logT_srfc - log temp. at surface
56:cm - unknown ??
57:rf1 - unknown ??
58:rf2 - unknown ??
59:EL - unknown ??
60:Lnu - luminosity neutrinos
61:RA - Alfven radius
62:QM - unknown ??
63:zb_01 - unknown ??
64:zb_03 - unknown ??
65:zb_05 - unknown ??
66:zb_07 - unknown ??
67:zb_09 - unknown ??
68:zb_11 - unknown ??
69:mc - unknown ??
70:ELP - unknown ??
71:Vrot - rotational velocity
72:logR - log total radius of star
73:logL - log total lum. of star
74:Horb - orbital angular momentum
75:Fn - unknown ??
76:dF - unknown ??
77:BE - unknown ??
78:Lth - Thermal luminousity
79:Bp - magnetic field
80:tTFy - unknown ??
81:zb_02 - unknown ??
82:zb_04 - unknown ??
83:zb_06 - unknown ??
84:zb_08 - unknown ??
85:zb_10 - unknown ??
86:zb_12 - unknown ??
87:k^2 - unknown ??